Lockout Coil And Credit Counter Test

Set the self-test switch (rom on to off Then press either coin switch

Tripping the coin switch increments the credit counter by however many digits the coin mode has been set for. (See CKEDIT display area in the lower ieft portion of the TV screen). At the same time a low beep or bong as sounded (or each credit.

When the credits reach 9. the game will cease to recognize anymore credits, and the lockout coil will be energized to prevent further coins from passing over the coin switches.

Credits will not be recognized and CHEDITdisplay will not be incremented. Also, lockout coil may not be energizing arid the game may be accepting more than 9 credits' wotih of coins.

Check the coin switch, its inp wire and the harness wires. Also, examine the coil and its wiring. If these all check out then the gome PCB is at fault

AUDIO TEST Trip the coin switch several times to register credits

Press the LED start button.

You will hear a low beep or bong sound, as in the previous test, for each tripping ol a coin switch

You will hear a high beep or bell sound, up to 4 times (for the 4 players maximum who can play in one game)

No bong sound. Sound generator is probably faulty.

No bell sound. Sound generator is probably faulty.

Play the game to insure that the remaining sound circuitry is working properly.

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