Decals And Graphics

WF7002 Center Wheel (sold w WF7013) WF7013 Outer Ring ( sold w WF7002) WF7014 Clicker overlay glitter decal 3 pin plug 2206 solid pin 2100s pins 1 & 3 20-14 awg male pin 8260 12 pin plug 2106 pins 2-6,9,12 20-14 awg male pin 8260 pins 1,7,10-11 14-18 awg male pin 2422 * Add 6 of Large Spiral Wrap Starting 4 from the 12-Pin Plug description WF2002X - TRANSFORMER ASY.

Game Features

Wheel Fortune Spin Zone Game

Thank you for purchasing the new Wheel of Fortune game from I.C.E. By combining the great play appeal of Cyclone, the great name recognition of the immensely popular TV show Wheel of Fortune, and by adding the spinning wheel and great game sounds, we've taken the Quick coin game to a new level. You'll find this game to be a huge money earner now and for years to come. Game cabinetry is stylish, yet bright and attractive using glitter decals to give it a glitzy look. The game has been designed...