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Thank you for purchasing the new Wheel of Fortune" game from I.C.E. By combining the great play appeal of Cyclone", the great name recognition of the immensely popular TV show Wheel of Fortune", and by adding the spinning wheel and great game sounds, we've taken the "Quick coin" game to a new level. You'll find this game to be a huge money earner now and for years to come.

Game cabinetry is stylish, yet bright and attractive using "glitter" decals to give it a glitzy look. The game has been designed as a centerpiece game that will enhance the look of any location. Thick 16 gauge metal panels and marine grade water resistant plywood make the game extremely durable. The top of the cabinet is made of a special high impact styrene that is easy to maintain, and a thick acrylic dome that is extremely strong, and more scratch resistant than polycarbonate. Up higher, the glitter covered marquee flashes the wheel of fortune letters to attract game players. Brilliant backlighting of the playfield completes the look.

Wheel Fortune Dome Game

The object of the game is to spin the wheel in the hope that it stops at the big bonus values.

To spin the wheel the player must stop the rotating light in the "Spin Zone".

This will automatically spin the wheel for the player. The wheel spin is totally random. As is where the wheel stops.

Wheel Fortune Spin Zone Game

Electronics and sounds are the state of the art in digital technology. Robust design ensures a long trouble free life for your game. The game is very flexible with its programming options to allow it to be tailored to most locations easily. (For special non-standard options, call our service department for details).

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